Whoscall Number product landing page

Project type

Solo project of landing page design


2018 Oct - Nov


Planning websites flow, executing design at all stage from concept to the end, leading cross-functional communication.

Tools used

Sketch, InVision prototype

Define problem, identify goal.

Whoscall Number is the identity-verification service for caller-ID in Whoscall. We provide like name card services, once they use our service, when they dial out to others, the call automatically equipped with their name and introductions. The main purpose of landing site is to introduce the product, also successfully convince customers purchasing the service.

Build the brand.

Drive commerce.

Content first then the design

Base on our goal, developing logical content structures. 

First screen

First sight of the website need to be eye-catching, I chose the woman with smile which convey the idea that our services are delightful for our customers.


With the statistics numbers brings out the threat. As our target audiences are those who have needs to frequently dial out to unknown people for expanding new markets. However,  60% of people usually ignore the calls if they don't know the number.

So, that's why they need our service.

After that,

From the perspectives of 'the customers' of our target audiences, we write out the content to persuade that if they have our service how will it be look like and what's the benefits they will have.

The calls they dial out, will have name and introductions on it. (even if they are not in others' cell phone contact book.)

If their customers missed their calls, it will show the missing call dialog with their information.


Use clear, straightforward languages can help customer quickly grab the idea of the service we provided.

Their information will remain in their call log in Whoscall. Easy for their customers to recall, or find.

And then,

Also they are more likely to make the decisions if we provide enough information, such as testimonies.

Provide image for them to fit in, 

Mentioning about the pricing plan, and concretizing their identities by providing categories, as they can fit themselves to get to know which plan to purchase.

Clear action at the end,

At the end, after knowing all the features of our services, providing clear button and straight forward action for users to guide them start the service.

Live demo

The websites had been released and are available now online.