Redesigning Whoscall Landline paper quick-guide

Project type

Hardware and software combined iterations


2018 May


Responsible for redesigning paper quick guide, executing usability rapid test to iterate the design.

Tools used

Adobe Illustrator, Protopie, traffic light usability testing

What's Whoscall Landline?

Whoscall Landline is a hardware product served the same function as Whoscall app, providing caller-ID identification through the hardware screen.  

As the phone scam gang usually targeting elderly through landline, we decided to provide the identification service for landline.

Project Background

In the beginning, the paper quick guide and package design were outsourced. However, we found out the quick guide didn't serve it's functionality properly as people were facing difficulties installing our product, thus, we decided to redesign the quick guide.

Define problem, identify goal.

We use the original quick guide from outsourcing to do the first round usability test around colleagues, then we found out some issues happened in each steps. 

螢幕快照 2019-05-19 上午11.59.50.png

Issues occurred in each steps


Then, we realized that the original quick guide was lack of some details which cause the issues listing above:

1. Clear steps from beginning to the end

Users can't perceive the main point from the first sight, the layout was scattered.

2. The language used was not mundane

Considering the age and technical level of target audience, we decided to rewrite the content into more understandable words.

3. The images didn't provide the instructive function

For few steps, users need to use their mobile devices to complete the install process, however, there was no clue in this quick guide tell them to do so.

Quick guide original version 

Set up hypothesis

According to the issues we observed, we set up some revise directions which we assume can help users complete the install process more smoothly:

1. Clear sections, clear steps

2. Modify the language we used in this quick guide.

3. Redesign the images present.

Revise first version

1. Clear sections, clear steps

I separated the steps sections by using clear block and headline.

2. Modify the language we used in this quick guide.

Explain the steps in more detail way, slowly describe what should they do in every steps.

3. Redesign the images present.

Draw out the key information in images.

Traffic lights usability testing

We use traffic lights usability testing methodology to help us measure whether the design is successful or not. We recorded the time users spent and whether them pass or not as the measure baseline. Also, with the post-task questionnaires, users were asked to evaluate how quick guide helps them with the installation process.

螢幕快照 2019-05-19 下午12.35.14.png
Keep iterations

When finishing each usability test, there were new discoveries and new idea for iterations. With more and more users were stuck in the same steps, we tried to ask users 'how they understand the content' and 'what they think they should do from this instructions' to modify the content we provided, trying to convey the idea we would like to tell users more clearly.

螢幕快照 2019-05-19 下午1.03.46.png
螢幕快照 2019-05-19 下午1.02.23.png

The message for each image was perceived differently by users, and we chose the one which was correctly perceived by most of the users.

Moreover, as our installation process need to be done with user's mobile devices. They need to open the web page to complete the installation. We modified the web page design as well by observing user's reaction and guide them to do the behavior we want them to do.


We want users to look up the machine to check the screen, as we found out that they didn't realize by just the text, we drew the images to instruct them.

Results and learnings

After more than 5 versions of iterations, we finalized the design and rolled out to the massive users. We received positive feedbacks for our quick guide and installation process. 

I believe that 'Design is the smallest place makes the biggest differences!'  

Special thanks our team members Queena, Jasper, and Webber.

螢幕快照 2019-05-19 下午1.14.03.png
螢幕快照 2019-05-19 下午1.14.31.png

Feedbacks from users' blogposts about installation process