Designing landing websites for multiple products

Project type

Websites design for multiple products


Average 2 months per product


Executing design at all stage from concept to the end, leading cross-functional communication.

Tools used

Sketch, InVision prototype, Protopie


Whoscall Number is the identity-verification service for caller-ID in Whoscall. The main purpose of landing site is to introduce the product, also successfully convince customers purchasing the service.

Base on goal, trying different possibilities

As part of Whoscall product, the website design of Whoscall Number would follow the design guideline of Whoscall. We choose the content and design which could be better understood and looks attractive by testing and iterations.

Raise attention and intention

Trying multiple sections for attracting attention and evoke users' intentions. Use clear, straightforward languages can help customer quickly grab the idea of the service we provided, also they are more likely to make the decisions if we provide enough information, such as testimonies.


Call Defender is the main caller-ID identification application in Hong Kong. As the business goal of landing site is to present the product, not only for customers, but for business partners. (1).gif
Design consistency

There are totally seven pages for the website, keeping the style consistent is my challenge. Base on different content we provided, designing the page in the way that helps user to understand the page quickly and easily.

Define style guide

Setting up design guideline for developer, including the interaction of components.