I’m Phoebe, a product designer base in Taipei, Taiwan.

With strong experiences in user-centered design, striving to make people's life better and easier.


Design depends largely on the 'ability of the designer to recognize as many of the constraints as possible'; his willingness and enthusiasm for working within the constraints. ~ Charles Eames (1972).


Currently, I am a product designer in Gogolook, mainly responsible for product from concept to implementation. With adventurous personalities, I embrace every single challenge which can enlarge my vision. My ability to adjust to new things allows me to quickly adopt and tackle the situation I face.

As a active facilitator, I always bring positive energy and influences into the team I work with. Finding the best solution out of various limitations is where my passion and sense of achievements come from. 

Published articles

I wrote out my experience to share with the community.


'The power of data analysis' study notes


How to design in-app-purchase experience?

Design talks

Sharing 'How to design In-app-purchase experience' in UX/UI Taipei meetup on 6 March, 2019.


I draw to create positive impact on people

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